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Agave for tequila and biofuels: an economic assessment and potential opportunities.

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Biofuels in TI Tittle
and Mexico in TX All Text
not Fossil Fuels in TX All Text

Source Type: Academic Journals

Thesaurus Term:
Ethanol as fuel
Biodiesel fuels

Publication Date: 2008 to 2011

Resultados: 5

Social Barriers to Renewable Energy Landscapes

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Renewable Energy in TI Tittle
and Development in AB Abstract
and Mexico in TX All Text

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Scholary Journals
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Thesaurus Term:
Renewable Energy sources
Sustainable development
Energy policy
Energy development

Geography: Mexico

Resultados: 2

Technical and economic characteristics of eliminating carbon-dioxide emission

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Fossili Fuel
and Pollution
and Solution

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Scholary Journals

Thesaurus Term:
Emission (Air pollution)
Carbon dioxide
Renewable Energy source
Greenhouse gases

Source type: Academic Journal

Resultados: 5

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